The area​

The area:

Sandvig is close to one of the biggest tourist attractions in Denmark, and much else besides.

The village is typified by its narrow winding streets and old half-timbered houses.It is only about 2 kilometres to Allinge where there are a number of interesting shops.

Sandvig is nestled between Langebjerg and the Hammerknuden peninsula.The scenic Hammerknuden peninsula – with crystal-clear lakes, heathland, the magnificent Hammer quarry (now abandoned) and the Solomon Chapel ruin – is only a stone’s throw from the hotel.Boat tours depart from Hammerhavn harbour to see the Lion Heads rock formation and the Hammershus castle ruin from the sea.

Denmark’s longest aerial cableway, across Opalsøen lake, is also near the hotel, and Sandvigbugten bay, with a beautiful sandy beach and bathing jetty, is only three minutes from the hotel.

There are plenty of opportunities for inshore angling, deep-sea trolling, golfing, tennis, and mini-golfing (crazy golf) – not to mention cycling and rambling through the magnificent countryside.

Rø Golf Course – the most interesting and intriguing of Bornholm’s three golf courses – is 11 kilometres from the hotel.

Also in the area are the Bornholm Art Museum, Bornholm Technical Museum, art galleries and craft artists, as well as a number of good restaurants.​


Hotel Sandvig Havn​

Strandpromenaden 5
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Hotel Sandvig Havn
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